BioLogic Software specializes in the creation of software for the simulation and analysis of biological systems.

Our latest product is Scrubber, a program to clean up biosensor data for analysis. It can zero and crop data, align injection times, correct for DMSO effects and fit binding curves and offrates. More details are on the Scrubber page and a simple demonstation on the Examples page.

Now Available - Scrubber2. The new version of Scrubber extends the functions of the program with the ability to analyse the kinetics of binding to obtain rate constants.You can choose to fit a model for simple binding to get values the association and dissociation rates or fit a model for mass transport limited binding to also get the mass transport rate. See the Scrubber2 page for more information.


Problem with latest Windows patch

Are you are getting a message saying, "Illegal System DLL Relocation"?

Unfortunately, the Hhctrl.ocx file that is included in security update 928843 and the User32.dll file that is included in security update 925902 have conflicting base addresses. Because of this, any program which attempts to load the dlls in a particular order will crash. Fortunately, it is easy to fix by changing the dll load order.

To fix this problem, get the latest version of Scrubber from the Download page.

Here is a link to the Microsoft help page:

You can also download a patch from Microsoft to fix the problem from this link: